Longcase Clocks.

Oak and mahogany Longcase Clock by Fredrick Johnson of Lincoln with a George Usher casemakers label in the trunk.      Ca:-1840. Ht:-6'-11".To the top of the finial.  Price:-£2250.

Oak and Mahogany Longcase Clock by Peatling of Boston. Moonphase to the arch.Date aperture. Ca 1815. Ht:-7'-1". Price £2850.

Longcase Clock.

Mahogany case.Eight day painted face by Pinkes of Brigg.Typical centre locking trunk door. Pagoda top.

Ht :-81" Ca.1810

Price:- £2975.

Pinkes dial.

Oak Longcase by Cliff of Hull. Eight day duration. Ca.1765. Ht:- 7'-2".      

Price £2975.

Oak and Mahogany Longcase Clock by Rd. Willson of Lincoln. Usher case label . Ht to top of swan neck 80". Price :- £2450.

Pine Longcase Clock by Moses Jacob of Redruth .Eight day.Ca 1785.Price £2450.

Oak and mahogany longcase clock by Robert Bunyan of Lincoln. Hipkiss dial (ca.1808 to 1811) Centre locking Lincolnshire trunk door. Ht:- 88". Price £2495.

Oak Longcase Clock by Jas. Kerby of St. Neots.Eight day bell strike.Ht:-7'-1".Price £2875.

Oak and mahogany Longcase Clock by Bothamley of Boston.Ht:-6'-10". Ca:-1825. Price:-£2600.

Longcase Clock by Dobbie of Carlton Glasgow.Mahogany case. Silvered dial. Ca.1780.Eight day.Ht:-6'-10".Price £3975.

Oak and mahogany Longcase Clock by Gardiner of Brigg.Eight day with bell strike.Ht:-7'-4". Price £2650.

Oak and mahogany longcase clock. Ht:-7'-0". Price  £2250.

Mahogany Longcase Clock by Thos. Miles of Bath. Eight day. moonphase to arch and date aperture. Ht:- 7'-4".Ca:- 1825. Price £3450.