Hamilton 992 Railroad Pocket Watch. 

Green gold plated case with bar over the crown. 21 jewels, gold centre wheel,  adjusted to 5 positions. 50mm diameter.

Price:- £495.

Movement of the above watch. Ca. 1931 from the serial no.Screw back and screw front.

Two steel cased quarter repeaters. Left one is Swiss made and retailed by Morath Bros, of Liverpool. It is 53mm diameter and ca 1900. Price:- £795. 

The one on the right is marked Stauffer & Co.on the movement and is Swiss made.It has I believe a gold bow and repeating slide and is 55mm diameter. Ca.1900. Price :-£875.

Movements of the above two watches.

The Stauffer has 17jewels and is fitted with stopwork.

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