Wall Clocks.

Fusee Dial clock by Bird of Grantham. 12" dial. Mahogany case. Ca. 1900.

12" Domed dial fusee, by C.F.Fredrick and Co. of Aberdeen.Mahogany case.Ca. 1880. Price:- £1495.

Railway Dial Clock. 10" dial, mahogany case, shaped plates with two inspection doors.L.N.E.R. 4598. Ghost written Potts and Son, N.E.R. 295. Recorded at Alexandra Dock, Hull. Appears in Clock Register of L.N.E.R. (page 253) see 'Railway Clocks' by I.P.Lyman. Currently unrestored but to be restored as instructed . Restoration included in the price £1495.

Fusee Dial Clock by D&J Wellby Ltd. Late Victorian. 10" dia. dial,mahogany case. Price £975.



Vienna Wall Clock. Double weight.Ca 1890.Price £875.00p

Walnut and ebonised Vienna Wall Clock.Ca1890.Price £875.

Vienna Wall Clock unusual case, eight day,gong strike. Ca :- 1900.Overall length 37"(94cm). Price:- £525.

Vienna Wall Clock ,small size 33" total lenght, ca :- 1900. This clock is a 30 hour. Price :- £250.

American Drop Dial Wall Clock. Inlaid walnut case.Ca. 1890. Ht:- 31". Choice of two. Price:- £495.

Fusee Dial Clock. 12" dial. Reider of London.Ca 1850. Price £895.

Unusual Spring Driven Vienna Wall Clock. Adjustable dead beat pallets with locking plate strike. Quarter veneered backboard. Overall Ht:- 37". Ca. 1880. Price £745.

Mahogany cased 12" dial chain fusee wall clock with a cast bezel. Late Victorian.Arrived with no name to the dial but we had Timepiece Repairs, 43 Steep Hill, Lincoln. put on it as the last one proved very popular. Price:- £875.



Please note , we have about 5 other 12" fusee dial clocks in the repair shop at the moment.