Miscellaneous Items.

9ct Rose Gold Graduated Link Double Albert. Wt.  54 Grams approx. We see quite a few alberts in a year, most are worn and only good for scrap. We usually buy only about a couple a year. This is one of the best we have had for a while.It is stamped -BC&S on the tee bar and the two dog clips and on one link in the chain. and is hallmarked Birmingham 1915.Price :- £975.

Pocket Watch Display Domes.The dome is about 4" high.They will take vertually all standard type pocket watches including Pair Cased Verge. We have different woods available including yew ,light and dark oak, sycamore, walnut ,cherry and ash. We also have one in MDF at £27. The yew and walnut are the most expensive wood at £34 each. They can be posted about £4 each. They are indivdually turned and made by TPR here in Lincoln.We must have sold in excess of a 1000 to date. Please phone for further details of woods available.

Quartz Wall Clocks made by TPR in Lincoln.Two sizes 355mm by 457mm and 188mm by253mm. Available with various dials. The dials are based on scenes found on 19th century longcase clocks. Gloss or matt finish with light ,medium or dark wood .

Price:- £39.50 large. £29.50 small.

More details to follow shortly.

Belt Alberts. Plated gold, silver, copper, bronze. Could save you a broken balance staff. Price £6.00.Each.  Please note we also usually have Antique Silver Alberts in stock and sometimes Antique Gold Alberts . The prices of these vary in line with the quality. We do not sell alberts that are worn and therefore are really only suitable for the scrap bin.

Antique Pocket Watchstands.   We usually have a selection of antique pocket watchstands available.It is best if you bring the watch to try on the stand.Most stands seem to be made for the Victorian ladies fob type of watch.Prices of these start at about £35.00.